Tuesday, November 25, 2008

shameless self promotion

As part of their ongoing AVQ&A feature, on last Friday the AV Club asked for imaginary band names, and unsurprisingly the output was staggering, with the article garnering over one thousand comments. And for posterity's sake, and because I like talking about myself, and because the brilliance of the remix subtitle in the previous post reminded me of it, my entry:

"My friend Bianca and I "have" an indie, slightly twee, band by the name of Grandma's Bandanas, inspired by my grandmother's suggested attire for our zombie frenchmen halloween costumes. Stuart Says Stop would be my electro side project, the first single being a remix of "Paper Planes" with the gunshots and cash register noises replaced by, respectively, lasers and light saber sounds. It would be called "Paper Planes (Stuart Says Stop JEDI MNDFCK RMX)". And it would be brilliant."
As god as my witness I will make that happen. One day. And for the record, other potential band names birthed from the bastion of creativity that is my mind include The Bendy Pencils, Spectral Grab Ass, Stephanie and Her Whorish Mouth, and, the acknowledged favorite, Somber Pinata. Also, big ups to Jason Heller, cause I'm pretty sure Jefferson Slaveship is the most brilliant thing EVER.

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