Tuesday, December 2, 2008

it's the beat

I'm waiting for flack for essentially turning this into a music blog, and a sparsely updated one at that, but until then I'm gonna keep posting my jams cause, well, that's the kind of shit that gets me off. This week it's British electro-pop singer La Roux, whose style, and chances of big success, have been compared to rising star Little Boots. Sadly for us, her output is on par with Little Boots as well, which means I have a grand total of two songs by her on my ipod. Fortunately for me, and for you, the reader, these two tracks are serious jams that I've been listening to on repeat. It took a lot of thought to decide which mp3 to post, considering how much I love each of them, but I decided to go with the slightly more accessible "Quicksand", but I also highly recommend tracking down "Fascination" as well.

La Roux, "Quicksand"

And in other news sick ass electro news, I'm sure I've mentioned UK's FrankMusik on here before, likely in regards to the Boys Noize remix of his killer track "When You're Around", but it wasn't until yesterday evening that I learned something very important about him: he's fucking sexy as shit.

Cute face? Hot mohawk? Tight ass electro jams? Dude, fucking marry me. And in the interests of appearing to actually care about good music above hotness (I do, I swear!), here's the A1 Bassline remix of his track "3 Little Words":

FrankMusik, "3 Little Words (A1 Bassline Remix)

Seriously, marriage, I'll pay you.

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