Tuesday, November 18, 2008


The previous post made me realize something, that an uncommon amount of good records are coming out so late in the year. It's a sad fact, but most artists are going to push to have their albums out by at the latest October, not only for yearly sales and charts but also for the critics, who more often than not are compiling or have compiled their best of the year lists as we speak (type?). Inspired by this, and bored at work, I decided, with a little assistance from my last.fm, to figure out what was in the running for my best of 2008. Much like what I did in July, this list is in no particular order excepting Skeletal Lamping, whose impressive ability to nearly knock Radiohead off my "most listened to" alone earns it the top spot, despite the royal thrashing it may have received from the majority of critics. The rest is more or less random, though some preference may be lent to those listed earlier as those made the majority of appearances on my charts, but do consider they also came out early in the year and thus inevitably received more listens.

Of Montreal, Skeletal Lamping
Santogold, Santogold
Hot Chip, Made In the Dark
Cut Copy, In Ghost Colours
Crystal Castles, Crystal Castles
Metronomy, Nights Out
Cloetta Paris, Secret Eyes
Kleerup, Kleerup
Yelle, Pop Up
Portishead, Third
The LK, vs. the Snow
Meg, Psychodelice
dj /rupture, Uproot
Max Tundra, Parallax Error Beheads You
Vampire Weekend, Vampire Weekend
Pnau, Pnau

In the grand tradition of such lists, this will be by year's end widdled down and, barring any unforeseen surprises, ten of these will make the cut and be satisfyingly hierarchized. And as a bonus, this year I'll be doing a top tracks list as well, since so many of the songs I dug came from random EPs or mixes. Said list will be much longer, will probably take a lot a more time, and isn't something I'm necessarily looking forward to (especially considering what will be my inevitable urge to post an mp3 for everyone -ugh).

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It's "whittled" not "widdled" :-)~