Monday, October 6, 2008

soul power

As we enter the home stretch of the 2008 concert season - an admittedly stellar one at that - don't be surprised by an uptick in music-related posts (some people complain about these, but music is such an important part of my life that there's really no other option). Today, in anticipation of Thursday's Of Montreal concert that, along with Yelle and Crystal Castles, is my most anticipated show, an anecdote from Deerhoof lead singer Bradford Cox about a run-in with Barnes at the 2007 Pitchfork Fest:

I always wanted to start a feud with Kevin Barnes from of Montreal. This started with the now-imfamous dis song he wrote about my good friend / sometimes "girlfriend" Eva ("Bunny Aint No Kind of Rider"). My plan was to beat him up or at least shank him on stage. I saw him everywhere over the course of the weekend and kind of snarrled at him from across the catering table. He was walking around in the middle of the day wearing blue glitter eyemakeup and asspants. Long story short: we were driving away at the end of the night sunday, and i saw him being interviewed by the pitchfork dudes on video. I ran up and grabbed the mic (thinking i was going to humiliate him on a small level, and look all badass) and asked him "Why are you such a pretentious fucktard?" and he looks at me and says really saddly "Because I havent figured it out yet..."
I walked away feeling like such a fucking asshole. I got served. I told the guys in the van to hold up and ran back over to him after he was interviewed and apologized and explained my feudconcept. He was really cool and nice. Then he came and hung out with us for the rest of the night.
Does that not just make your soul hurt a little? I heart the shit out of Kevin Barnes.

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