Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I'm quite positive that the scant few readers of this blog are even less interested in video games than in the music I post, but seriously, this is a problem:

Pros: time-tested modern classic, gorgeous art direction, great story, scary as shit. Cons: FPS w/ console controller < FPS w/ mouse and keyboard combo, Objectivism, scary as shit. Metacritic score: 95

Pros: impressive graphics, set in post-apocalyptic DC, presumably quite lengthy, heavily reliant on player choice, those Metro ads are bad ass. Cons: RPGs tend to piss me off somewhat frequently (though more with those in the Final Fantasy vein), haven't played 1 or 2. Metacritic: 90

Pros: incredible level of customization, impressive fusion of platforming and puzzle solving, beautiful art and graphics, just really fucking cool. Cons: core game not very long, arguably need gamer friends to truly enjoy (of which, it seems, I sadly have none). Metacritic: 95

So basically I need all of these, but in reality can only bring myself to get one at present. And due to my aforementioned problems with FPS's on consoles, it looks like it's between the latter two. So if anyone cares, help a brother out?

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