Wednesday, October 1, 2008

after the bump

I've had my share of odd comments on this blog, from the Late Night Shots member who chose it as a forum to defend their ranks or the animal rights activist who took much offense at my post on Knut's birthday. Yes, it's weird that they somehow found my blog that maybe ten people read, that they chose to make such earnest comments on a site that very rarely comes anywhere close to taking itself seriously, but it's certainly not as weird as what went down yesterday. For those not in the know, a certain anonymous commenter left me this little message yesterday on my post about Of Montreal and Radiohead remixes:

You should really learn to handle whatever substance you were on Saturday and spend less time bumping into people over and over and being aggressive with your queeny ass friend trying to fight your way to the bar. You are rude as fuck. Everyone is there to have fun, but seriously, you're a hot fucking mess. Get it together. Next time you bump into someone OVER AND OVER you're probably going to get bumped back A LOT HARDER bitch.
Where to start? From the beginning I guess, which would be on Saturday night at dc9 when some apparent homophobe took issue with my being seated next to him at the bar (mind you, while wearing a vest w/ no shirt). Words were exchanged of course, owners called over, boys made out with in protest, and I guess the issue was quickly forgotten after more pressing matters arose. Point is, apparently this dickwad stewed over the issue for a couple of days before deciding to peruse the Nouveau Riche event attendees on facebook, find me, find my blog, and then proceed to comment on it, so it's funny that in his presumably unintentionally hilarious missive he chose to call me a bitch because, well, that's one hell of a bitch move. So anyway, to the guy who has nothing better to do with his life than hate gay people and write anonymous comments on a stranger's blog in the name of defending his intense level of suckitude, do me a favor and fuck off. Or just admit the fact that you kind of want my cock in your mouth, because the extremes you went through to track me down? That's some straight up stalker shit. And you totally want to bump me hard.

In the butt.


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