Tuesday, September 30, 2008

hot and fresh out the kitchen

It's remix day at The Grapist! First up is the Mad Decent remix of Of Montreal's "Id Engager", the closing track from the forthcoming Skeletal Lamping (which has inexplicably been delayed til late October, even though like everyone has it). It's vastly different from the original, sometimes only identifiable by Kevin Barnes' distinctive yelps, but it's still super awesome. So just listen.

Of Montreal, "Id Engager (Mad Decent Remix)"

Next is the Deadly Syndrome remix of Radiohead's "Reckoner", which is currently second place in the remix project the band is hosting (much like "Nude" earlier this year). Full of those delicious synth squelches that I love so dearly (see: autoKratz, "Reaktor"), it easily outshines the official remixes by the likes of Diplo and James Holden (whose track "Idiot" I posted last week). Apologies for the format - it's only available via the website, and a direct download is impossible.

And for those surprised that Of Montreal got mention before Radiohead, just know that I'm going to see them next week and I'm so super fucking pumped it's ridiculous. Skeletal Lamping is totes the new In Rainbows.


Anonymous said...

You should really learn to handle whatever substance you were on Saturday and spend less time bumping into people over and over and being aggressive with your queeny ass friend trying to fight your way to the bar. You are rude as fuck. Everyone is there to have fun, but seriously, you're a hot fucking mess. Get it together. Next time you bump into someone OVER AND OVER you're probably going to get bumped back A LOT HARDER bitch.

Anonymous said...

You need to learn to mind your manners grapist or I will BUMP YOU HARD. I mean, like, bump you really hard. I will use my elbows and you will bump into your queeny friends and then you will DROP YOUR DRINK!

Not only that, but next time, I will post anonymous comments on your blog. Bitch.

Rip said...

Attention Everyone affected by The Grapist run-by-bumpings: I am starting a support group for all of us affected by the bump and their friends and family. Clearly the bumping has become a city wide epidemic and we need to get the message out that these bumps will NOT be tolerated. The group will meet on top of your mother most evenings, just look for the sign: "You are a total douche, get over it!" Meetings will be sponsored by "queeny ass friend".