Thursday, June 12, 2008

dear anna,

I don't much care for this pressure to be funny in this post regarding tomorrow's departure for the ATL (no Friday post bitches!). Isn't my impending presence and my promise to try and not masturbate on your dirty clothes enough? Also, my back really hurts, I really wish I was at home playing MGS4 (or, alternately, on the bus/metro anxiously clutching it in my increasingly white-knuckled hands), and there are no reservations for Saturday at Home and thus no trying the delicious food of/gawking at Richard Blais, even if he did totally drop the ball last night and somehow managed to get outshone by that "rain cloud in cargo pants" Sour Patch. And Anna, if that's not enough for you, my only option is to resort to the most powerful weapon in my arsenal: a picture of a piglet wearing tiny boots.


P.S. I'm also missing Pride, missing standing out in the heat watching a parade that is often more depressing than proud, missing waiting in line at JR's, missing partying with a community with which I've grown so disenfranchised it's not even funny, all for you. Bitch.


Rudy's Mamma said...

My sweetie is coming to ATLANTA!!!!!!!If I have to, I will rent a fucking gay babe to come and french you in exchange for your missing of Pride. Hey maybe you can come to ATL for Pride again and we can drink margs in the sweltering heat after staying up until 7am. Smooches.

Anonymous said...

You won't be missed, asshole!

Rowdy said...

I can't see the pig picture! Wahhh!!