Tuesday, June 17, 2008

lizards and money

Haven't blogged since Thursday, so what shall I do to make up for it? A lazy music post of course, as I'm not really feeling this whole "being back at work" thing plus I haven't yet visited any of my go-to sites for interesting shit that quite possibly I only care about. Anyway, aside from Kleerup, whose greatness I have previously feted and whose album makes me smile on a daily basis, I can't get enough these days of Hercules and Love Affair and Crystal Castles. So in the interests of spreading the love and of making for an easy blog post, here are some awesome songs:

Hercules and Love Affair, "Hercules Theme"

Crystal Castles, "Untrust Us"

I would also like to point out that I chose these particular songs not only for my fondness for them but also because I decided on the bus this morning that if I were to be commissioned to DJ some really cool party (yeah, right) I'd totally kick off my set with these two tracks. And note that I had a bit of doubt about using "Hercules Theme" - "Blind" is infinitely more danceable - but those horns at the end slay. Also note that I'm pathetic.


Rudy's Mamma said...

Yo Yo Yo DJ Stoopid in the hizzzzzouuuuuse. I got my side kick DJ Tsizity Tsali on my right. Gonna bring you that new hot jam "Werewolves of london"....

Anonymous said...

I think it should be known that the one and only time that DJ Stuart was hired to DJ somewhere other than the Hobbit Hole, he sat idly chatting about handjobs and blow while drinking a fruity cocktail out of a straw.