Monday, April 14, 2008

swinging london

Ever the bastion of respectable journalism, has decided to highlight National Library Week with a countdown entitled, yes, 18 Sexy Trips to the Library Stacks, which is all well in good, but hold on, Ghostbusters? Goblet of Fire (sexy only for perverts like myself - oh Dan...)? Philadelphia (apparently someone's getting off on AIDS patients and their bigoted lawyers - suddenly I'm feeling a little better about myself)??? Misnomer aside, this is actually getting posted because of the one good thing they did do, that is, posting a delicious collage of the library scene from Atonement:

Sure, it appears as though they've clipped the bottom photo to conceal the fact that Mr. McAvoy has Ms. Knightly, um, "suspended" a few feet in the air (is it getting hot in here?), but still, it's at least something for the people who haven't seen the movie and are too damned stubborn to watch the clip below. Everyone deserves a bit of teh hotness.

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