Monday, April 14, 2008

every extend extra

In a move that is exciting but does little to placate the void in my life caused by LOST's absence these past few weeks, both ABC and the show's producers have confirmed a 3 hour season finale, though I'm not sure how that technically works since the first hour airs on May15 and last two on May 29, which would make it a 2 hour season finale, though I guess what we have here is a finale in two parts, with that extra hour perhaps a treat for having to wait TWO FUCKING WEEKS for a resolution. But I digress. Apparently this has created some sort of rift in the space time continuum over at ABC which has also resulted in an extra hour for the Grey's Anatomy season finale, which I would care about if that show weren't stupid and pointless. But I guess people do watch it. Assholes, that is. And jerks. And retards. Anyway, in conclusion, the more LOST the merrier, even if it means more of some idiotic show that I couldn't give a rat's ass about and whose only real contribution to pop culture is the mainstream popularity of Peter Bjorn & John.

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