Wednesday, November 5, 2008

yes i can...

... do a lazy music post. Unless, of course, I manage to find pictures of me shirtless hanging off the side of a moving semi. C'mon DC, I wasn't posing for my health! Anyway, this is a bit of a weird one, as the album in heaviest rotation on my ipod is an odd one, The Pierces' Thirteen Tales of Love and Revenge. This entire year I've been pretty much devoted to new electro, and was loathe to download or even listen to anything that didn't have synths, so to fall in love with an album that is almost entirely devoid of any electronic production and could best be described as "pop rock" is just, fucking bizarre. But I did. A little background: I saw The Pierces back in April in NYC when they opened up for Robyn, and all I really remembered was that they told jokes about nun's being raped - given, a huge plus - and, well, that they opened up for Robyn. Flash forward several months, when they made an appearance on Gossip Girl performing their song "Secret", which prompted a download of the track and, eventually, the whole album. And now I listen to it an uncomfortable amount. Anyway, below is their track "Lights On", which admittedly sounds a lot like a Gwen Stefani track. But hey, that's not always a bad thing, and I think it's pretty great. Enjoy.

The Pierces, "Lights On"

Also, please note that despite how much I may love them I can't believe I wrote that much about the fucking Pierces. Oh well.

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