Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I've mentioned before how I'm loathe to write about Gossip Girl on here, even though it's one of my favoritest shows ever. So I'm not going to discuss how I don't like the direction this season's taking, how I'm very upset that the Queen Serena/Dan ostracized storyline wasn't followed through, how I'm sick of these Little J-centric episodes that are completely ridiculous, and how Vanessa is still ruining everything by her mere presence. I will, however, discuss the following photograph, which was recently posted on E! Online (thanks B!):

As the poster notes, Chuck and Nate are obviously going to a funeral, but neglect to mention exactly whose it is. However, for anyone with any familiarity with The OC and/or half a brain, it's pretty obvious who's gonna bite it. Like Caleb Nichol, who in the second season of the aforementioned Schwartz-penned show took a heart attack-spurred fatal plunge into a swimming pool, who on GG is rich, old, and has recently taken a benevolent turn after being more or less a villain in the first season? Not Vanessa, unfortunately, though a boy can always dream. And in other Bass family news, guess what's back on sale at J. Press?

For only $175 dollars you too can achieve the look of everyone's favorite UES lothario! And even though it'd probably be lame by now, I want this so bad it hurts. And finally, the greatest find of the week, courtesy of B, whose Rufus fandom is outshone by no one:

Lincoln Hawk, "Everytime"

For maximum enjoyment please stare longingly at the object of your affection to the point where everyone around you feels uncomfortable. That, or make some waffles.

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Re: Scarf - Is this a Christmas hint??