Thursday, October 2, 2008

is this it?

There's like, nothing worth blogging about today. I guess I could talk about last night's Project Runway, but it doesn't seem worth it. Not that it was particularly bad or anything, just that it... was. Aside from the surprise/complete Jerell fuckover that was the non-aufing, it was just unremarkable in every sense of the word, including the designs sent down the runway. We did though get a little more character development from Kenley - turns out she's not just a raging bitch, but a raging bitch who was apparently raised on a tugboat. Tres romantique! But anyway, as I was saying, not much to talk about, excepting a bit of news that is exciting to only one person: me.

New computer! My old one, at 4 years old an admitted piece of shit, died on Tuesday, and it's void is soon to be filled by a new Vaio. Sure, a Macbook might seem more fitting for a homo-rific hipster like myself, but I'm an admitted PC apologist, so there you go. And it's pretty!

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