Wednesday, June 25, 2008


As most of you know, I'm a sucker for new candy. And while my year has been marked by relative disappointment - Sour Skittles redux, Airheads Extreme Tape, Sweet Tarts Rope, Gummi Starburst (sorry Anna) - I have finally seen the light at the end of the sickly sweet, cavity-ridden tunnel:

I mean, everyone knows Nerds are awesome, just kind of an accepted fact. And the one deviation on the formula, Nerds Rope, met with relative success, combining delicious crunchiness with delicious softness. Considering this, it should be no surprise that new Giant Chewy Nerds - previously sould as Giant Nerd Jelly Beans - are fucking awesome. Essentially a jelly bean coated with crunchy Nerds in the most wonderful way, I can easily see myself getting seriously addicted to these fuckers. In fact, I blame the rather poor quality of this post on the fact that I keep getting distracted by the open bag sitting on my desk. And on that note...

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