Thursday, June 5, 2008

in lamer news...

Lighthouse, presumed destroyed, found on opposite coast (CNN)

Don't really care much about the story - well, I guess I cared enough to click it, though I blame that on a link that read "'Lost' lighthouse found on opposite coast" and I get pretty excited anytime I see the word "Lost" in quotation marks (though technically I guess it should be italics, and all capitalized, but whatever) - except for this part:

The fate of the cast-iron tower was uncovered last year by lighthouse researchers and reported by Colleen MacNeney in this month's edition of Lighthouse Digest.
Yes, apparently there's a magazine about lighthouses. And not any pussy-ass quarterly bullshit, this is the real deal. Call me ignorant, but is there really enough happening in the world of lighthouses to justify a monthly publication? Fags.

UPDATE: I might be on their website and I might be reading a story about a haunted lighthouse in Pensacola. These people might be onto something...

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