Wednesday, June 25, 2008


I'm well aware that the new ABC game show Wipeout is a blatant rip off of similar Japanese shows, specifically MXC/Takeshi's Castle. However, I can't overemphasize how much funnier it is to see fat white women smash their faces on a variety of padded objects than it is their slim, Japanese counterparts. I will say though that it's only worth it for the first challenge, as once that's over all the "unathletic" people get eliminated, and while it's still somewhat entertaining to see people getting hurt in a variety of ways, nothing will surpass seeing Margie, in a vain attempt to swing across a pool, slowly slide down the muddy ramp and land face first in the water. If that shit's not on youtube in the next 24 hours I will officially lose faith in the internet.

UPDATE: And we have success! Though I have to add: hey AOL, Web 1.0 called, they want their non-embeddable video back.

'Wipeout' Preview: Say No to Crack
'Wipeout' Preview: Say No to Crack

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