Monday, April 14, 2008

so glad to (have) see(n) you

So no surprise, Friday's Hot Chip show was fucking off the chain - much tighter than last year's (especially now that they have more awesome tracks at their disposal), and the light show was the tits, especially considering the amount of, um, "chocolate" we ate while pregaming. Ended up just going to DC9 afterwards, which is rather fortunate not only because Hot Chip never actually showed for their Black Cat gig but also because the DJ set at DC9 was ridiculously hot. It's quite possible I've never danced so hard in my entire life, and aside from the gross foursome that were uncomfortably rubbing each other and making out on the dance floor that we took turns both elbowing and yelling obscenities at, it was easily one of the best nights I've had there. So in honor of what was an absolutely incredible hot mess (in a good way) of a Friday, two videos, the first of which I had hoped to be from Friday's show but, given the horrible recording and sound quality of what's available, I've decided to instead go for a the Oxford University swim team dancing (horrible) to "Ready for the Floor" - Hot Chip + cute shirtless (and pantsless) British boys = heaven:

And second, to commemorate what I, at the time, was sure was the coolest thing to ever grace the DC9 stage, the video for Justice's "DVNO", which is both my hot jam of the moment and the soundtrack to my drunken (etc.), sweaty tearing up of the dancefloor:

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Lexi said...

let us all remember that time in august when i requested DVNO in your hobbit hole, but i was DENIED.

i knew you would come around.