Tuesday, April 15, 2008

music notes

1. Cut Copy's new album, In Ghost Colours: fucking spectacular, some of the best electorock I've heard in a good long while. Plus they're from Melbourne, which makes me think of Muscles ("said she has connections in the Melbourne independent music community"), which is delightful. Unfortunately I can't for the life of me find a .jpg of the album cover, so I can't put it in my "what i'm jammin'" section, which is sad because I am seriously jamming that shit. Anyway, below is my current favorite track off the record, "Far Away" - listen to it, bask in its awesomeness, get the album, bask even further, and then come to their show at the Black Cat on May 15 (if you're in DC, that is).

2. I love The Field, think he's one of the greatest DJs working right now, delicious Swedish minimal techno that got much love from me last year (#4!) and still continues to in 2008. What I don't love? The fact that he's coming to the US and the closest he's performing is fucking Skidmore. Fuck that. I want to see "Over the Ice" live so bad it kills me, though in the interests of not jizzing myself in public perhaps it's for the better. So, um, thanks?

3. Remember "Uninvited"? That really good Alanis Morissette song from the craptacular City of Angels? Well there's a remix of it. By Freemasons. That I heard in the gay bar in Paris. But which I entirely forgot until I dreamed about it last night. Yeah, it's that awesome. Would post it here but can't find an mp3 right now due to my limited downloading capabilities at work, so alas you must seek it out yourself. I promise though, totally worth it.

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