Wednesday, April 23, 2008

dear mars candy company (again),

I have a confession to make: I tend to jump to conclusions. A lot. It makes life more interesting. For instance, before I did a bit of research this post would've gone something like this:

Chocolate Skittles huh? Yeah, I've had these before, when they were called M&Ms. Fuck off.

I was quite proud of my "joke", mentally noting that it would make a good blog post as I stood in line for cigarettes. But unfortunately, as one will notice when actually looking at the package, they come in a variety of chocolate-themed flavors, which does differentiate them significantly from M&Ms. So please accept my apology for jumping to conclusions, and for the "fuck off", though I will say that the Skittles website, particularly the "Products" section, sucks an unfathomable amount of donkey balls. Seriously people, it's worth a visit to marvel at the entirely inappropriate use of Flash that makes the whole damn enterprise infinitely frustrating. Furthermore, I still haven't forgiven you for this. So what the hell...

Fuck off,

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