Monday, March 31, 2008

konichiwa robyn...

...and sayonara $33.50. Seriously, how can a ticket that sells for $20 eventually end up costing over $13 more than that? I fucking despise Ticketmaster. But whatever, I'm finally getting to see Robyn - almost 2 years after I first started jamming her, when her songs weren't being played at, among other places, JR's, and when I totally felt like I had street cred without having to obnoxiously point out that I've owned some variant of Robyn since 2006 and have thought "With Every Heartbeat" was an awesome song when it was DJ Kleerup featuring Robyn - and that makes me inordinately happy. For anyone else who is interested in checking out what will likely be my 3rd greatest concert of 2008 (which is saying something, considering it's up against Hot Chip and two Radiohead shows), she's playing on May 2 at the Manhattan Center Grand Ballroom, which, according to wikipedia, is where the video for Living Colour's "Cult of Personality" is filmed, which pretty much solidifies its status as a pop-rock pilgrimage. Also, if anyone has a Manhattan pad they'd like to set me up in for the weekend I would be much obliged - your offer is much appreciated MJ, but as you know, Westchester is kind of a last resort :) In other news, there's a pretty bitchin' write-up on Robyn in this month's WIRED:

If you're so lazy as to not feel like enlarging the image, I'll translate: Robyn's fucking awesome. And while I'm not entirely feeling the sadly-accurate Britney comparison, and again, it's 2 years too late, I'm glad to see her getting props in my favorite magazine. And Jeremy, while I would love to thank you for the tip, the current issue of WIRED has been in my possession for a few days now, thus the rules of inevitable discovery apply, and thus you're SOL. Sorry!

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