Tuesday, March 11, 2008

dear walgreens,

Way to open up your first DC location in a neighborhood I haven't lived in for some 3 years. While some might questionably mourn the loss of Lulu's (vomit), I mourn the fact that I'm constantly subjected to the horrors of CVS on a near-daily basis. So please, Walgreens Corporation, bring your delicious well-stocked candy aisles and helpful employees a few blocks down M St to my neck of the woods - this poor twentysomething that would rather be forcibly penetrated in any number of orifices than go to CVS will be immensely grateful.



Rudy's Mamma said...

The people at Walgreens are fucking assholes. This diabetic needed needles once in Amelia Island and they refused to sell them to her....even though it's completely legal to sell needles to people who say they are diabetics. I even showed my arm wounds and places where I pricked my finger so they'd beleive me. They didn't. I'm lucky to be alive. Eat barf Walgreens.

Rowdy said...

Although I have yet to forgive Walgreen for precipitating the destruction of Taco Bell and KFC in my long time neighborhood, I have to agree that CVS gives me the creeps. Why is that??!!

Rudy's Mamma - I think it was the townies in Amelia Island to blame here. I tried to buy rolling papers in Kuai, Hawaii and was scorned in every retail outlet. Only to be rescued by some "shop boys" at a service station. How did I know I would score there. And for god's sake I was in Hawaii!!