Wednesday, March 12, 2008

lost cause

In some border-line lame attempt to be Entertainment Weekly - or, more properly, - the Washington Post has created a March-Madness style bracket for LOST characters.

Yet for all its lameness, I totally participated, as I'm a sucker for all things LOST, and I learned one crucial fact: the voters have something against really hot guys. To wit:

Wha??? A reminder:

You people are clueless. And it gets even worse:

Really??? See here now:

I think my point is made. Sure, one could argue that this is merely a result of the majority of voters being straight men, because it reminds them of sports, and not women and gay men, as it, well, reminds them of sports, but to concede to such a theory would not have given me opportunity to post pictures of half-naked men. And then no one's happy.

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