Monday, February 25, 2008

oscar thoughts

1. No horrible objections to the winners, but I'm not entirely happy with the results. First and foremost, I think Amy Ryan was robbed. Sure, I never saw Michael Clayton, so I'm not familiar with Tilda Swinton's performance, but still, AMY FUCKING RYAN. Beadie! Plus Omar was in Gone Baby Gone. Also, Casey Affleck is really sexy. I'm still of course bitter about Jonny Greenwood being completely snubbed in the original score category - Atonement had to be the safest bet out there - and There Will Be Blood, in my opinion, would've made for a better win for best adapted screenplay, as it's quite an admirable stretch from it's source material, Oil!, whereas No Country is, from what I've read, a pretty literal adaptation from Cormac McCarthy's novel. As for the big ones, I obviously was thrilled to see Daniel Day-Lewis take best actor (and to see him share the stage with Dame Helen), I had no particular objections to best actress (Cate would have been nice, but that movie SUCKED), and I think No Country for Old Men was perfectly deserving of best director and best picture, though after much thought I've concluded that There Will Be Blood is my favorite of the two. Plus the Coens already have Oscars, so they really should've given PT some love. Oh well.

2. While she may not have deserved the top prize, I still firmly believe that Amy Adams should've been at least nominated for best actress for Enchanted. And I felt really bad for her alone on that huge stage, singing a song that in the movie was a rather action-packed set piece. She did fabulously though, even though I thought her dress was kind of ugly. Also, pissed that they got Kristin Chenoweth to sing her other song. Given, she has a great voice, but it was almost TOO good if that makes any sense. Also, her intense love of Jesus makes me kind of uncomfortable.

3. No Brad Renfro in the death montage? Sure, his last role of note was in a quasi-pornographic Larry Clark movie, but still, The Client? Apt Pupil? And sure, he may have looked like this

when he died, but it should be noted the lust he stirred in my closeted adolescent mind (and borderline inappropriate thoughts still generated in my now adult mind) when he looked like this:

Seriously, you stuffy movie types got a problem with illegal drug overdoses? Just cause Heath Ledger OD'd on a ridiculously intense cocktail of legal pharmaceuticals he deserves top billing and Renfro gets nothing? Did Tom & Huck mean NOTHING to you people? You all disgust me.


Yep, still fucking in love with her.

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Rowdy said...

Dame Helen rocks and I want that dress (and all the rest)as well as Daniel Day Lewis on bended knee.