Tuesday, February 5, 2008

another one of those days, apparently

I'm really having a hard time thinking of anything to blog about today. Let's see, I kind of hate the pants I'm wearing, which is normal for being at work, but I'm going to an unexpected happy hour this evening and I'm really not happy with my outfit. I'm actually considering going to Urban sometime in the next few hours in order to rectify this situation. Also, Arthur sent me a text last night about how awesome Simon Schama is. Well, he actually texted me about how awesome the "limey geek who hosts the history of britain series", which I guess is good enough. Also, this morning Ben texted me a picture of a girl wearing a really hideous sweater.

Via gchat:
i only wish you could see this sweater i have to see right now

its purple
with pink, blue and gold sequins creating a ring around the neck
it has a cap sleeve
and it might be some kind of fake mohair"



Arturo Fantastico said...

Simon Schama (sp?) is indeed awesome. However, I'm nearing the end of disc three and his perpetual head-jerking is starting to wear on me.

The Grapist said...

Well if you're not too sick of him by the end you should check out his Power of Art series, particularly the Bernini episode, as the actor who plays the titular character is fucking HOT. Which i'm sure matters a lot to you :)