Monday, April 6, 2009

triumphant return?

Well, kinda. Figured I oughta post something since The Grapist is on the blogroll for a new blog I'm working on, Super Cute Protesters. The brainchild of a good friend of mine, and bearing a title that should be self-explanatory, I imagine what little remains of my creative energy will be directed there. But perhaps this new endeavor will inspire me back to these hallowed halls, where I will proceed to post more hot electro tracks in order to remind everyone what they're (not) missing.

the grapist


Phoenix, "Lisztomania"

Hey, it's not only NOT electro, it's also a friendly reminder that the new album from that French bastion of awesomeness, Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, has leaked and is easily available if you know where to look. I do, but I'm not tryin' not to rattle anymore cages at the RIAA ::eyes track psoted above::

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