Friday, December 12, 2008

2008: number 9

The LK, vs. the Snow
Yep, more Swedes (did I mention Kleerup's from the land of sweet ass electro jams?), but unlike last year's Scandinavia-heavy list, they're only one of two. And of all the Swedish music I adore, The LK seem to be most representative of their country, full of icey synths, cool vocals, and an almost chilly perfection that comes across as slightly detached. That, and completely nonsensical lyrics that make very obvious that English is certainly not their first language - "burn Elvis alive" anyone? But the lyrics aren't what these guys excel out - though "Eurovision"'s "close call / after all / fuck off / I wish you wouldn't call me" is one of my favorite lines this year - it's all about the music, and thankfully the music is pretty much the shit. Challenged to align their sound with a more familiar group I'd probably have to go with The Postal Service, but with stronger vocals, more interesting melodies, and, well, just outright better. And with real instruments, with most of the songs containing at least some glimmer of guitar amongst the electronic foundation, lending most of the tracks more organic feel. It's a record that seems effortless, frequently churned along with catchy basslines, but at the same time concerned with every tiny detail on its sonic soundscape. Oh, and one of the guys has synasthaesia, which is totally hot.

The LK, "Eurovision"

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