Tuesday, December 30, 2008

2008: the copout

I had grand ideas of completing my entire countdown over the holidays, parked at a computer, stoned, pounding out entries cause there wasn't much else to do. In a reality, I spent most of the time parked in a recliner, stoned, catching up on Mad Men and Friday Night Lights, and shoveling an inhumane amount of deviled eggs and other terribly unhealthy foodstuffs into my mouth. So now here we are, two days before the dawn of the new year, with only four posts under my belt. And since I plan to spend tomorrow playing Fallout 3(!!!) and maybe saying something about my top songs of the year, I now present, with a minimum of commentary, the remainder of my top albums of 2008. We all knew it was gonna end this way. Enjoy.

6. Metronomy, Nights Out
I don't how you made these crazy noises or where they even came from to begin with, but it's like full-on electro indie and my ears can't get enough. Now can you please bring your super fun dancey light show extravaganza stateside? kthxbye

Metronomy, "The End of You Too"

5. Crystal Castles, Crystal Castles
My esteem for many of the artists on this list was enhanced by their live show, but not so much Crystal Castles. Yes, it was fucking awesomely ridiculous and loud and sweaty and generally crazy, but the fact that I had to eventually evacuate the quasi-pit as to not pass out/die only affirmed that, yes, I'm too old for this shit. However, combining two of my favorite things - dirty electro and video game music - makes you okay in my book. Super duper okay.

Crystal Castles, "Black Panther"

4. Cut Copy, In Ghost Colours
Like another artist coming up on this list, 2008 was arguably oversaturated in Cut Copy, seeing as how they made two appearances in DC (well, 1.5 for me, since someone decided that since it was their birthday they'd get WAY too drunk halfway through and have to be escorted home to sleep while their friend got stoned and watched Star Wars with their roommate), but when said artist has crafted such an impressive blend of rock and electro, it's hardly a problem. Plus I got a bomb ass shirt out of it.

Cut Copy, "So Haunted"

3. Hot Chip, Made In the Dark
If there exists only one testament to how fucking awesome these bastards, and by extension this record, are, it shall be Leeza's bruised body after hearing "Wrestler" performed live. Twice. Well, that, and how "Ready For the Floor" fucking OWNED 2009. And rhyming "hell" with "caramel". And the entirety of "One Pure Thought". Ah fuck it: Alexis Taylor, LIVE IN MY POCKET!!!

Hot Chip, "One Pure Thought"

2. Santogold, Santogold
Santogold was everywhere this year - commercials (a LOT of those), mixtapes, ::ahem:: GOSSIP GIRL (soundtracking the best scene of season 2, possibly of the whole shoe) - but nowhere more memorable for me than my ipod. Cause I played the SHIT out of this record. But really, who can blame me when it's such a perfectly composed mishmash of indie, electro, hiphop, funk, ska, etc etc etc that, from my perspective, rarely gets old. And shit, someone who can make me forget that I've been standing outside for 5 hours in 105 degree weather and quite possibly nearing heat stroke just to see her peform for half an hour? A++++++

Santogold, "LES Artistes"

1. Of Montreal, Skeletal Lamping
Love love LOVE this album, and it's number one placement should come as no surprise to anyone who even casually reads this blog. It's a true testament to its greatness that it was almost single-handedly responsible for knocking Radiohead from its top spot on my last.fm. And the fact that it got so little love come year's end? Pure bollocks. Pathos + filth = love. Simple as that. I heart you Kevin Barnes. So much it hurts.

of Montreal, "For Our Elegant Caste"

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