Tuesday, October 14, 2008

capital games

I thought myself really on top of things this morning when I noticed a new, rather interesting ad for Bethesda Softwork's upcoming RPG Fallout 3 pasted on the side of a bus this morning, cursing myself for having quite possibly the shittiest camera ever on my phone. But a quick google search not only disproved this notion but provided me with ample photo evidence, not from a bus necessarily but from it's original deployment point, the Metro Center metro station. And while it isn't exactly strange for a video game company, especially a local one (note the name), to start an ad campaign in our nation's capital, it's admittedly a bit ballsy to do it like this:

Mind you the bus advertisement was even worse, with the focus not on the soldier but of the partially destroyed capitol dome. And by "even worse" I of course mean "ten times as awesome". +10 internets!

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Rowdy said...

Very "Ballsy" indeed. Guess McSame will start a rumor that this is the game that has an advert spot for Obama. (I'm still seething over the dumb ass US women [and men] who think that Alaskan broad represents women. If i could prgram my TV to block any image of her or reference to her name I could quit watching my TV on mute. For now I settle for Bravo - on mute too with the advent of Rachel Zoe. Even she would be a better vp candidate.)