Monday, September 15, 2008

shut it down

For lack of anything to blog about and as a service to those who don't have access to my facebook (read: my mother), below are a few pieces of Leanne's final collection at Fashion Week. All the current remaining designers showed collections, and while Korto's and Jerell's were quite nice and Joe and Suede's were, well, terrible (the latter's being particularly laughable), I would be seriously shocked if Leanne didn't take the win.

I mean, right?

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Rowdy said...

Right for sure! WOW!!!

How do i get access to your face book? Just because I work in the Informatics department at a top ranking university (Vanderbilt) doesn't mean I know a damn thing about face book.

From the real cat - I have a hurt leg or hip and mom can't figure out what's wrong so she gave me a bath! I actually enjoyed sitting under the faucet and letting warm water run over my orange fur - Meowwwww :-)~