Tuesday, September 2, 2008

monster mash

What with all that's going down in October - Chromeo, Hot Chip, Of Montreal, Girl Talk (already sold out!), Yelle, Crystal Castles (NYC), Roisin Murphy(?), Lykke Li, and, of course, Halloween (on a Friday!), I completely ignored one of the things that makes this season great: haunted fucking houses. Or woods. Or whatever. Point is, they're the shit, and I totally would have forgotten about something that used to be of penultimate concern to me during the aforementioned month if it weren't for something else amazing that's happening as well. After what has seemed like an eternity Beezer will be making a brief return to my life, a return which will also include a visit to the Field of Screams, Maryland's premier haunted attraction (that is within driving distance from DC). And in honor of this occasion, I'm posting below a picture from their website, which from outward appearances seems to be some sort of fun, witch-themed maze.

Except, well, it's totally fucking not, which you discover if you, like me, make multiple attempts and fail every single time. Apparently psychological torture is the new chainsaw-wielding homicidal ghoul.

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Kenneth said...

I love the Field of Screams. It's so scary.

Too scary