Tuesday, September 23, 2008

in it to win it

Stellar blog CUTE BOYS!!! has a contest going on that I, along with Keith, am out to win. From the site:

I am pleased to announce the first ever CBMMN contest! The person who sends in the cutest boy with matching funny blurb will win this AMAZING Men in Black prizepack, approx. value $1.50.
I'm certainly up for taking photos of cute, random strangers. And if I have my way it will be my one and only Cowgirl Creamery cheesemonger, who today, I must now embarrassingly admit, I totally found on facebook but couldn't actually look at because I'm not a GMU student (a little help anyone?). Also, on the subject of the above blog and cute boys in general, Monday's entry, actually the blogger's cousin (eww?), is, well, there's only one thing to say:



Keith Johnson said...

That robot has it pretty nice. We. Will. Win.

Adam said...

Stuart, lol...I remember seeing your original post about the cheesemonger in question and gasping because I recognized him as none other than my friend, Nathan...

I've since seen him out at a party, where I asked him if he had a cheese-shillin gig; he confirmed that he does, so it must be him.

(Tragically, he's straight.)