Thursday, September 11, 2008

getting auf

You know what that is? NOT AVANT GARDE. You know what was though?

Yeah, somehow Leanne knocks it out of the park with this crazy exoskeleton dress yet still somehow gets beat by Jerell's admittedly really cute skirt and questionable print (that jacket!) combo. Is it because she's won twice in a row that she can't score a win with something that's avant garde and beautiful against something that is, well, not? Fuck that. I do, however, appreciate greatly the producers gracing us with one more gratuitous shot of Wesley ironing sans shirt, which I am currently beseeching the screencap gods to deliver me a .jpg of.

1 comment:

Rowdy said...

Agreed - Leanne knocked it out of the park on this one and it was still eerily gorgeous.

Jerrell's was nice but no avant garde!