Monday, August 11, 2008


I'm off work today, and in the interests of continuing my Battlestar: Galactica mini-marathon before heading off to see Grizzly Bear (cute gay neo-folk hipsters ftw!) I am going to be lazy and post a video from Saturday night, which, if you don't know, was when I saw Radiohead for the 6th time. I posted "Fake Plastic Trees" on facebook already, so let's switch it up a little with their opener, "15 Step":

Just to clarify, totally not my video, just some stranger's that I ganked from youtube. Few quick notes on the show itself: kick ass, of course, lights were amazing, set wasn't too full of surprises, though it was nice to hear "Planet Telex" and (an utterly incredible performance of) "The Bends" live. Weather couldn't have been more opposite of the misery of the VA show, mid-70s by the time the band went on, gorgeous sunset that bathed the whole venue in a subtle green glow and did absolutely marvelous things to the Manhattan (and, to a lesser extent, Jersey City) skyline. Oh yeah, and I got this frakking sweet t-shirt:

So all in all a successful time, ignoring the fact that I wore the same outfit for over 36 hours and that my phone died shortly after getting separated from my friends after the show and subsequently came close to having a near nervous breakdown outside of a random Manhattan bar after convincing myself that they had totally ditched me.* Oh well, totally worth it.

*They in fact did not, I just managed to get there before them, despite the fact that they took the ferry and that I walked nearly a mile back to the light rail station which I took back to Hoboken, took the PATH into the city, and took a cab to the bar. Oh yeah, and I even stopped to do a whippet.

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Rowdy said...

So you weren't intentionally ignoring my phone call....