Wednesday, August 20, 2008

useless information

It remains a mystery why, after hearing Berlin-based producer/DJ Apparat's work with Ellen Allien on Berlinette and Orchestra of Bubbles, I didn't immediately snatch up his released-shortly-thereafter fourth album Walls. And beyond that, as an intense lover of German techno, it's downright fucking embarrassing that it's taken me over a year since its release to actually listen to the damned thing. Past is past though, and I'm here to say now, 12 months too late, that Walls, in all its glitchy experimental (yet, to some degree, poppy) symphonic awesomeness, is the shit. Take a gander.

Apparat, "Arcadia"

Also, can you say cute as a fucking button?

And another, not so much for cuteness, more cause it's bad ass.

And finally, one more, a combination of the two, from the same photoset:

Wow that makes me feel dirty. In all the right places.

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