Thursday, August 21, 2008

something new(ish)

British indie dance duo The Black Ghosts released their self-titled debut album over a month ago, which is sadly how long it's taken me to get around to listening to it (though after some research I'm pretty sure I've heard them at DC9). Comprised of Theo Keating from The Wiseguys and Simon Lord from Simian (who begat the awesome "La Breeze", from the same album as "Never Be Alone", which begat Justice vs. Simian's "We Are Your Friends", which begat Simian Mobile Disco, which is comprised of the remaining two members), their style is much in the same vein as a lot of the electro music that's been dominating the more indie-oriented dancefloors, which as far as I'm concerned is great as long as it's interesting - and it is - and danceable - as it also is, very much so. Lead single "The Repetition Kills You", featuring a cameo from Damon Albarn, is posted below, though I highly recommend downloading the track "I Want Nothing" as well. And shit, while you're at it pick up the whole damn album - unlike fellow UK electro-rockers Late of the Pier, who I was pretty pumped to hear more from after the awesome "Space and the Woods", the entire thing is actually, well, good.

The Black Ghosts, "Repetition Kills You"

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