Monday, August 25, 2008

noise outside me

At the risk of upsetting my loyal fans (hi mom!), seeing as it's Monday, I'm tired, I've got a lot of internet to catch up on, and that I'm fucking in love with Tiger Baby, posted below, in lieu of any real blogging, is their song "Girlfriend", the second track off their 2006 album Noise Inside Me. Ideally everyone would've already procured this stellar album ages ago when I posted a direct link to a free download, but I understand that people are lazy, including myself, and in all likelihood didn't download any of my suggestions - a great disservice to one's ears, but oh well.

Tiger Baby, "Girlfriend"

1 comment:

Rowdy said...

Hi Son!

Loved the song - you know me and my old hippie music so that's quite a compliment.

Also, Monday's suck even when you love your job like i do :D