Friday, August 29, 2008

more than just fake russian dykes

There's a lot to love in the AV Club guide to getting a tattoo, including an anecdote about how Carson Daly gave a tattoo artist free reign to hide an ankle tattoo which read "LOVE" (yes, for Jennifer Love Hewitt - how delightfully '90s!) and ended with a Swiss army knife, but instead of a knife blade it had a giant crab claw, but my favorite part was, as usual, hidden in the comments:

the worst

by tattoo

i've ever seen was a mosaic of the ascension of christ on this guys arm. very elaborate, very big and very colorful. the twist was, instead of christ in the center, he was replaced by a skateboard.
Fucking genius. Also, I think this is a good enough excuse as any to post the below picture, which I might have put up on here before but deserves to be seen by as many people as possible:

And shit, while we're at it, another gem uncovered in the comments section, Mr. Cool Ice:

You're welcome.

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