Tuesday, July 22, 2008

weekend music notes

1. After hearing "Fa Fa Fa" on Annie's DJ Kicks comp some years ago I didn't really think much about Datarock, despite the fact that the aforementioned track is pretty fucking hot. I downloaded their entire album a few weeks before they were supposed to be in DC, and after missing that show pretty much out of sheer laziness, I've been hesitant to listen to said album, afraid that it'd be really cool and I'd hate myself for missing them live. I finally gave in on the bus trip up to NYC, and of course I fell in love with it immediately and subsequently hate myself for not going to the concert. Anyway, must let bygones be bygones and enjoy the awesomeness, for example, this:

Datarock, "Computer Camp Love"

2. Perhaps more important than "discovering" a three year old album on the way to NYC was the reason I was going there in the first place, that is, to see Santogold et al in Central Park. And I must say, despite the long line, the stifling, oppressive heat, the only relief from which was the occasional breeze or passing cloud or roving super soakers (Diplo, you're both really hot and really awesome, but good luck starting a real dance party in 100+ degree heat), and standing in the same place (very front!) for four hours sweating profusely as my legs/feet became progressively number, it was totally worth it just to see her perform. She sadly omitted "Lights Out" and "I'm a Lady" (two of my favorite tracks on the album), but that was hardly a concern considering how energetic and talented a performer she was. And yes, while the kids (including myself) were dancing only in random spurts to Diplo/A-Trak/Blaqstarr, everyone went fucking nuts for "Creator". It was glorious.

Also, please note, as an example of just how cool I am, instead of going to the after-party I elected to get stoned with MJ and watch several hours of Buffy: The Vampire Slayer. Just how I roll bitches.

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