Tuesday, July 1, 2008

voice on the radio

I was saddened last night to have my hopes of downloading the upcoming Annie album in its entirety smashed, being able to only track down a promo/preview copy with five tracks. However, one of those tracks was "Songs Remind Me of You", which is yet another track in the precious Norwegian's 2008 repertoire that very much has the potential for a summer jam:

Annie, "Songs Remind Me of You"

I'm beginning to see a common theme in a lot of my favorite electro tracks: total Giorgio Moroder-esque electronics (see: Kleerup's "3AM", pretty much anything by Vitalic). And while I'm quite certain the once prolific Moroder has settled into some sort of quasi-retirement, it's nice to see his influence showing up more and more outside of the expected Italo-Disco scene.

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