Thursday, July 17, 2008

sew over? (yeah, i went there)

In accordance with the wishes of a certain Grecian friend who is currently abroad, I plan on keeping this blog free of Project Runway spoilers for the next two weeks. Fortunately though, there are more important things to discuss than who was in and out, though the winning and losing designs were spectacular in their awesomeness (that skirt!) and their awfulness (barf!). No, what's more important is the increasingly obvious fact that Bravo is purposely sabotaging what was once its flagship series as punishment for the betray-erific move to Lifetime (Television for Fat Women). Noticeable lack of PR before the premiere? Check. Repeat of the first challenge of the series? Check. Quasi-recaps of every episode of this season, including challenges and guest judges? Check (seriously). However, there is one bastion of hope amongst the gloom: Wesley.

Wesley, in case you didn't know, you are the hottest thing to grace this show since Daniel V. Also, your shorts are totally precious.

As are your short chinos.

Please don't get auf'd. For me.

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JR's rock star said...

Thank you for showing PR will be duly rewarded. Let's just say Duty Free might be very good to you.