Monday, July 28, 2008

rescue me

In case the flurry of activity or blog/facebook posts on the subject haven't tipped you off, I'm officially even more in love with Santogold than I ever was before. I guess seeing her live really affirmed for me just how truly great she is, that Santogold is probably hands-down the album of the summer, and that the second half of that album is much better than I previously gave it credit for (two things though: I've always loved "Lights Out" and "I'm a Lady", and I still think "My Superman" is, well, just not that good). To wit, "Anne":

Santogold, "Anne"

That chorus - "J-j-jesus pieces/Rescue me/The more I try/The more it gets too complicated" - gets me every time. Also, note that I was all ready to confess that I have no idea what "jesus pieces" means, but thanks to the priceless resource that is Urban Dictionary, I now know that "jesus piece" is "a term used for a cross or crucifix that is worn as jewlery." Learn something new everyday.

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