Thursday, July 31, 2008

close call after all

Via (thanks Jacob!) comes one of the best recommendations I've gotten this month, Fukkk Offf, who I decided to look into after downloading, from the aforementioned site, an old Burial EP and the new Mad Decent mixtape which, I might add, is surprisingly hard to find for free. I'm loathe to attempt to "categorize" electronic music, mostly because I'm not good at it, but if I were to make a go at this I'd say hard electro-house, which to most people won't mean much. Hell, doesn't even mean much to me. Anyway, below is the title track from his recently released Rave Is King EP, featuring not only a sick dirty beat but also one helluva refrain. Enjoy.

Fukkk Offf, "Rave Is King (DISCODUST Edit)"

However, as much as I love the above track, my heart belongs to "Rock Paper Scissors", which is both sicker AND dirtier but, sadly, won't upload to any of my normal mp3 hosts for some god forsaken reason. It is, however, available from zshare - I can't recommend this one enough. Also, many thanks to DISCODUST, who are hosting this and a sweet 15 track mix from Fukkk Offf as well.

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