Monday, June 9, 2008

nobody does it better

Is it wrong to say that I'm not that excited about a new Radiohead song?

Not that it's a bad song - sounds good, perhaps not great, but good - but for the fact that there's something else vying for my attention. There have been reports of the band soundchecking "The Rip", a (a seriously fantastic fucking) song (that can be listened to/downloaded at this post) from Portishead's latest (and possibly greatest?) album Third. Well now there's a proper video, featuring Thom and Jonny in full-on "Faust Arp" mode, and even without the electro breakdown three quarters of the way through I'm totally digging it.

Right? Also, an aside in regards to Third, I haven't been paying it much heed as of late, a fact which no doubt finds correlation in the arrival of warmer weather, but I have strong suspicions that it will fall into heavy rotation in the later months in time to take a very high position on my top 10 of 2008. But until then, as usual, it's the summer of synths.

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