Thursday, June 19, 2008

dear av club,

I like you. A lot. I read you everyday, often voraciously devouring 500+ comments in one sitting. I'm not sure what I would do without you. I also like music. A lot. And lists. So imagine my delight upon seeing today's article on the best songs of 2008 so far. Then imagine my disappointment when I actually read the article. I understand that generally rock music is most representative of the indie/hipster population that likely comprises a lot of your audience, but seriously, have you heard of electro? The closest you get is a MGMT song that, while great, goes nowhere near some of the awesome electo-ish music released this year. I mean, seriously, Cut Copy maybe? Portishead? Crystal Castles? And the worst offense: no fucking Hot Chip??? I challenge you to find another song released this year that will slaughter a dancefloor - a cool dancefloor, mind you - like "Ready for the Floor". Gross oversight is an understatement. And to add insult to injury, you put a Coldplay song on there. Coldplay? Are you fucking serious? The new album's name and inexplicable co-opting of a Delacroix painting make me nauseous enough. Furthermore, the artists included that I do agree with - namely, Kylie, Santogold, and Vampire Weekend - you couldn't even manage to pick the best songs. "Wow"? I say "In My Arms". "Your Voice"? I say "LES Artistes". "M79"? I say "A Punk". Or "Oxford Comma". Or "Walcott". Whatever, point is, I'm kind of pissed of right now. And while I understand that this was a collaborative effort, I still blame everything on Noel Murray. It helps me sleep at night.

Now, time for catharsis.

Crystal Castles, "Magic Spells"

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