Friday, June 6, 2008

burn elvis alive

In the process of trying to locate an mp3 of "Tandem Bikes" in order to initiate a discussion of my not being able to figure out why more people don't love on The LK as much as I do, I discovered something wonderful: it's Sweden's National Day! So in honor of this auspicious occasion, I'm posting two songs instead of one. Exciting, huh? First off, the aforementioned LK - seriously, I just can't comprehend how someone could listen to this (or the absolutely sublime "Eurovision", which I posted back in April) and not be totally blown away and want to hear the rest of the album immediately. I hear a lot of comparisons to Postal Service, and while I do see some similarities, The LK are Swedish, a bit more upbeat, and sans Ben Gibbard's stupid pudgy face, thus much cooler. Anyway...

The LK, "Tandem Bikes"

And up next, a song from the debut album from Swedish DJ Kleerup, who I mentioned a couple of days ago in relation to his collaboration with Lykke Li but who is best known as being the man behind "With Every Heartbeat" - remember kids, it was Kleerup ft. Robyn before it became just a Robyn song (though that's not to say she's not a key element, as the track wouldn't be nearly as amazing without her). Apparently the record borrows generously from Italo-Disco - which excites me to no end - particularly Giorgio Moroder (if you haven't heard Vitalic's remix of "The Chase", his theme for Midnight Express, do so NOW), whose influence can be felt all over the single "3AM". And it's awesome.

Kleerup ft. Marit Bergman, "3AM"

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