Thursday, May 15, 2008


Umm, okay, so I'm on the Houlihan's website - don't ask, or just blame The Hater - and not only am I weirded out by the fact that they have an embedded music player, but even moreso by the fact that it's playing TRACEY MOTHER FUCKING THORN. Yes, Tracey Thorn, formerly of Everything But the Girl, specifically one of my favorite tracks from her 2007 album Out of the Woods (my number 3 of 2007), "Raise the Roof". Thus I now find myself on the website of a depressing chain restaurant, headphones on, jamming the fuck out. Anyway, thank you, Houlihan's, both for blowing my mother fucking mind and for giving me a reason to post more awesome music.

Tracey Thorn, "King's Cross (Hot Chip Remix)"

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