Tuesday, May 6, 2008

should've expected this

For a movie that cost only $10 million to make, The Descent was, for all intents and purposes, a relatively successful movie, earning $57 million in international box office. But more importantly, it was scary as hell, easily one of if not the best horror movie of the 21st century. So I guess I shouldn't be surprised that, as reported by British film magazine Empire, a sequel is in the works. What is surprising though is the plot, which from where I stand makes very little sense. To wit:

"The script sees the survivor forced back into the system of caves she battled her way out of in the first film, in a bid to locate the rest of her group"
I guess they're referring here to Sarah, who DID escape from the cave in the American version, though the original British ending had her hallucinating her safety while, in reality, she was still stuck amongst the creatures. So does that mean it's being based on the lackluster American ending? Bollocks. Alternately, it could be referring to Juno (the actresses who played her and Sarah are apparently reprising their roles), though I question her survival after being stabbed in the leg and left to, presumably, die a horrible, delightfully gory death. Anyway, Neil Marshall is on board as producer, with Jon Harris, editor of the original, taking over directing duties. This part doesn't concern me so much, as 28 Weeks Later taught me that that's not always a bad thing (plus, looking at Doomsday, I fear Mr. Marshall has completely lost it, though that's not to see that I don't really want to see it and won't be adding it to my queue right after this is posted), but the plot, yeah, that's kind of fucked up and doesn't bode well for a successful sequel. Oh well, there's always the original. And yes, Doomsday.

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