Monday, May 12, 2008

on the rain-slick precipice of darkness

As you may have heard, last night's Radiohead concert was a near complete washout. Were it not for an utterly fantastic performance from Thom and Co. (no surprises), it would quite possibly rank up there with one of the most intensely awful experiences of my life. Fitting then that the pre-show soundtrack seemed to have been culled entirely from British dubstep DJ Burial's second album, Untrue, one of the best releases from last year - Thom Yorke's a huge and very vocal fan - a fantastically dark, nearly hopeless collection of tracks that can't help recall the most miserable, most bleak of rainy days, which, trust me, was incredibly relevant considering the oppressive downpour that failed to slacken throughout the entire evening. And in honor of the fact that said horrible weather has continued apace into this afternoon, my second favorite track off the album, as I feel I may have overplayed the sublime "Archangel" :-(

Burial, "Near Dark"


Thrace said...

Worse than Field Day? And did I mention I hate you?

The Grapist said...

If I recall correctly, Field Day was a steady but light sprinkle throughout the day, miraculously stopping just as Radiohead took the stage and returning, quite awesome if I may say so, for "How to Disappear Completely". This, on the other hand, was a cold steady light downpour, with wind, that penetrated my very soul. Horrible. Just horrible. But goddamn if "15 Step" didn't sound fucking incredible :-)