Wednesday, May 21, 2008


I thoroughly enjoyed today's The Hater's Guide to Summer Fun column on the AV Club, not only for it's thorough trashing of the pain that is that most miserable of seasons (and lauding of the wonder that is fall), but also for leading me to the Destination Japan section of the MOMA online store. To wit:

A silicon cooking lid with a precious pig face poking out? Is there anything cuter? Answer: yes.

Leave it to Japan to make me fall in love with sponges all over again. Also discovered in the column, in the comments section of course, a podcast entitled "Last Night a DJ Killed My Dog", which by virtue of its brilliant name I must listen to in principle, but since I know approximately one of the songs on said podcast, by "listen to" I of course mean "keep open in a tab long enough for me to blog about it". But still, mad props.


Rudy's Mamma said...

Pig face is cuter. No question.

Rowdy said...

Rowdy agrees with Rudy's mama - definitely the pig face. The sponge is too reminiscent of the extremely abused happy face (I still have my ear rings from 1970). Yeah - I'm an old pussy, so what?!